Shitty lecturers

You know what makes a lecturer shitty or not? It is if they actually stop sending sarcastic remarks and non-verbal cues to students, do not walk out of lectures mid-way due to an inaudible ‘conversation’ going on at the back of the lecture hall that no one else besides their paranoia makes out as distracting, […]

Long time no post!

Hey guys, I’m posting early since I have some time right now. Been super busy. Joined crew, 6 mornings a week I wake up around 4.30-5.30, my eye bags are so obvious… I’ve done one round of midterms, did better than I expected. Truly enjoying all my classes! I think I like someone… But I […]

Ever Sutured?

Seeing that no one has been posting recently, I thought I might as well make up for the lack of posts. I mean, I could be blogging on my own blog but it’s too much trouble constantly logging in and out of different gmail accounts in order to write a simple post. Simple in my […]