Okay I’m sorry. I’ve been such a maniac over 1D the past few days. Its crazy.. the things i do when I’m bored. Like “oh my goodness they’re so flawless… -drools- ”


I sound like a 15 year old who just got dragged off the stage from trying to invade the performance space of the boys. Mum thinks I lack male friends that’s why. To be completely honest she’s right. I just have the lack of skill and a bucketful of awkwardness when talking with someone of the opposite sex.



Sorry twins especially the Lin twin.. as you guys have been my listening ear to my fanaticness. Those fellow directioners I had with me are over this fandom as they have found other real life boys to replace them

Which means.. the only cure to my 1D fanatics is to find my other half which will not be very soon. I still put Niall as a first priority. hehehehe. 



(I will be laughing at myself this time in the next 10 years, I know meanwhile I’m sounding pretty ridiculous. Thank you my lovelies for putting up with me yay)



p/s: Evelyn your post was fantastic! So much detail to be honest I think you’ve stolen the points i needed to add so yeah haha ❤


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