Tri-19th birthday celebration

Alright. Just had a shower and instead of doing anything else that may distract me from writing today’s post, I decided to get straight to it. Sorry for not posting on this blog recently, but today I will make this post worthwhile, alright? I was instructed by both Elin and Juanlin that they would edit and back-up any part of this post if they find any information missing that they can add to. The reason why this post is special? It speaks of the tri-19th birthday celebration we had in the city this evening/night of the 16th of November 2013 for Jacqueline Wong (best known to us as ‘Jacquie’), Michelle Hong & Sarah Lee (despite the later two having their birthdays only in a months time in all honesty). The Morning (or Afternoon since I woke up at 12:45am)

  • Involved a lot of hullaballoo and Whatsapp conversations to and fro with Juanlin and Ching Yi about the surprise birthday plans for Jacqui and Michelle. Sarah was not really a problem since she um… whined (might not be the best word choice) her way into it?
  • Long, distinct conversations with Ching Yi Choo which is a stark contrast compared to the 0 conversations we have had over the past month. After a while, we gave up Whatsapping and decided to use the Hall speakerphone. Connected through Joel’s room line. We are content with our own lives.
  • Watching Arrow Episode 1 & 2 while making Jacqui’s card. ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Randomly eating stuff in my room from peanut butter biscuits, small grain waves chip packets to cooked minced pork in the fridge.

WARNING: The rest of this post consist of a lot of ranting and listing. It is recommended you do not read for the sake of your own sanity and to maintain my literate dignity.

The Evening Laser Tag

  • Joel, Ching Yi, Michelle and I went to Melbourne Central from Briggs Hall via. taxi (who is Michelle’s familiar taxi). $46/48 (cannot remember). I was not feeling very chatty so I just listened as the three of them talked about X-Factor UK. Joel handled the taxi fare as usual, always making me feel slightly uncomfortable because I know I would have to get around to paying him back somehow in my own funny and awkward ways. I rarely ever talk to Joel one-on-one eventhough I know he is practically ever-present now whenever anything relates to Ching Yi. They are a package deal. Deal with it.
  • The radio was tuned to a nice channel called FM1 Nova100 Pop Music Live Life Nova.
  • Everyone else, except Neri who was dressed in yellow, awaited in the deep inside toilet. Understandable when you think about how everyone else who had arrived earlier to play laser tag to celebrate Michelle’s birthday was male and hiding in the male toilet. ๐Ÿ˜› Neri made a good cover up about how she was celebrating another friend’s birthday there too. Haha. It was Ching Yi and Joel who went in as Michelle and I remained standing outside.
  • I was not feeling very chatty, so did not engage in much conversation with the others. The others blended easily with each other. After all, they were all Med students and have plenty of ‘bonds’ established already. Nonetheless, I know a majority of them so I am pretty comfortable just hanging around wherever they are. Considering this is a group blog, I am going to keep fairly conservative in this post.
  • Laser tag was a great deal of fun, although we had to wait an hour before we even got started. Ching Yi, in her usual overly-excessively concerned state kept worrying about a friend named Danny who was supposed to join all of us to play laser tag. He was late and as a result, did not join us until later on at the dinner. Personally, I must say that eventhough it is nice that she is always concerned for others, it is also a weakness in her character. It can be cute but totally hair wrenching on occasions. (Complaints have been dulled).
  • The laser tag platform was flat; very different from the one in Boxhill where there are elevated levels to play on. Easier to shoot and navigate on too. Aaron and Bryan owned all of us.

I made friends with Neri; and acquaintances with Wen Shen, Manisha (I think that was her name. I could have mixed it up). Saw Sean too (only officially made an acquaintance today on Brigg’s field on the 18th of November 2013) .

Neri is from Penang, studied at Firbank and was a boarder since Year 10. I might have played against her before because she was on the Badminton A Team too.

The Night dinner at Ginza Teppanyaki Restaurant:

Address: 139, Little Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

  • Heavily over priced.
  • No alakat. Only sets. Cheapest set being $45.
  • You get food, specifically eggs, thrown at you. (THE VIOLENCE).



  1. Small miso soup
  2. Wasabi vegetables
  3. Teriyaki chicken pieces
  4. Twin’s 3 pieces of scallops shared between Jua, Jiran & myself.
  5. Fried beansprouts
  6. Small fried egg piece
  7. Steak (tender and highly recommended by Adren & Bryan)
  8. Very plain-tasteless fried rice (the minimalist kind)

8:15pm Arrival at the restaurant. Hunger levels rising.

9:00pm Jacqui finally arrives. Restlessness settles and we can finally order our crazily overpriced dishes.

11:15pm The dinner ends. We all part ways. Either to home, clubbing at Love Wha? (forgot the name of the club. Lol), Monash Clayton.

The journey home — Evelyn’s journey anyway

It was a fairly brief and chilly 14 minutes walk from China Town to Flinders’ St. Station with Adren, Bryan and another random girl I had no idea who she was. Beats me. There are always these few friends of Michelle and all that I have no idea who they are and throughout the whole period I am with them, which could even be hours, I still have not exchanged a single word with them. Guess we just couldn’t care less. :1

I feel more comfortable talking to Bryan than I do Adren. I suspect it is partially because I get the slight ‘overconfidence’ vibe from Adren. I need to learn to defend myself against these ‘confident’ auras. Since I’m a force to be reckoned with as well (Muahahaha. In my dreams maybe).


New person Evelyn met: Natalie ๐Ÿ™‚ Bryan’s friend who we met at the 9000 Rowville bus stop. She came down from the city after a short reunion with a friend who she got clothes back from. I somehow managed to involve myself in Bryan and her conversation about MedCruise despite not being a Med student. Haha. ๐Ÿ˜› How? I attended Medrevue (the yearly and totally worth it 1 night student-play).

Things Evelyn learnt: 1)ย MedCruise dance floors= make-out zones. 2) ๐Ÿ˜› Apparently the yellow-suit guy (2nd year James?) and the main actress (the hella annoying character in the show) were heavily making out. I only officially introduced myself just as we were about to part. Besides her name, she added, “I am sure we will see each other around.” Haha. Guess the circle of friends the Med kids have are really known to everyone. Instead of walking back in the dark with her, I decided to take the risk of the bike keys I incidentally found in my bag and cycled back helmet-less (felt so rebellious since I am usually very teng-wah) with Bryan to the halls.

๐Ÿ˜€ Cycling on the main university roads with no cars around is AWESOME. I โค cycling. Juanlin, Nicole & Elin, we better go cycling together again like the ol’ Year 10 days!


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