Shitty lecturers

You know what makes a lecturer shitty or not?

It is if they actually stop sending sarcastic remarks and non-verbal cues to students, do not walk out of lectures mid-way due to an inaudible ‘conversation’ going on at the back of the lecture hall that no one else besides their paranoia makes out as distracting, and has the guts to confess that they psychological issues.

P.S. To incoming students who are going to attend MKC2110 at Monash University, be prepared for the worst lecturer (he’s male) of your life.

Yes, this is my form of spreading the ‘noise’ that is presumably meant to relate to your Week 8 lecture on Consumer Decision-Making Process Part II, little kiddies. I want to EXIT in the form of this exams now and never see the crappy or hear from the crappy lecturer ever again in my life. If I do, screw Marketing. I am moving onto Business Law as one of my Commerce majors. Marketing is not worth the lousiest lecturer on campus.


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