So i dropped my ice-cream today

In front of a lot of people..

It was an amazing flavour (peanut butter) it was new to my taste buds and I was enjoying it a lot.

It cost me $4.70. (70 cents extra of a smaller cup of Ben & Jerrys)

It’s gone. It went KAPOOOF! from the cone.. PLOOOP on the floor.

All the emotions came whirring to me but my only natural instinct is to laugh and kept leaning on Mel and making the uncomfortable feel more uncomfortable and more and more uncomfortable and weird. Sorry guys.. I was just born unnaturally weird and awkward, sometimes I don’t know how to deal with things, especially with the lost of an ice cream.
It’s not just any ice cream.


Because Elin’s friends have a fetish for posh named ice-creams that actually taste and look like ice-creams but just have other names to distinguish themselves as the upper classes of Walls and Nestle. These ice creams are not even round, they shoot up with pointy ends (I don’t know why, again wanting to distinguish themselves from the ordinary). They’re scooped up with multiple scrapes and are just shaped that way. The lady scooper speaks in a different language too, just to distinguish themselves as Argentinian and that they aren’t just like any Movenpick student scoopers that give you overpriced mini balls. (I still love Movenpick when I get discounts)


I don’t know why but it’s suppose to be a hot chocolate weather but ice creams seems to be flying around my brain more than hot drinks.

Here ends the post to the lost of the unfinished and KAPOOFED and PLOOPED Peanut Butter Argentinian Helado.

If you wonder where it is.. it’s a place called HOW HAR.

Jokes it’s called jauja but like asians will be calling it JOW JAR.

Seee yer soons,



p/s: Food reviewing is pretty cool (though I mainly ranted about the lost of it). JOWJAR should totally read this and award me a free scoop for this and for the replacement of the lost scoop.

I hear they’re pretty generous, they even name combos after your name in your honour (if you eat it a lot)


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