Long time no post!

Hey guys,

I’m posting early since I have some time right now. Been super busy. Joined crew, 6 mornings a week I wake up around 4.30-5.30, my eye bags are so obvious… I’ve done one round of midterms, did better than I expected. Truly enjoying all my classes!

I think I like someone… But I don’t know if he feels the same. We hang out everyday and all but I really don’t know… No idea what to dooooo…… So lost 😦 But I’m just.. going with the flow? Haha. It’s such a step up from you-know-who. Idk. 

Another note, I’M COMING HOME IN 2 MONTHS GUIZ. How time has passed… Anyone going to be in KL from Jan 3rd until 17th? 🙂 


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