Ever Sutured?

Seeing that no one has been posting recently, I thought I might as well make up for the lack of posts. I mean, I could be blogging on my own blog but it’s too much trouble constantly logging in and out of different gmail accounts in order to write a simple post. Simple in my case is usually about a page long so it’s no easy task. 

So my adventures for today involved visiting Alfred’s Hospital and attending a surgery Suturing Masterclass for pre-clinical and clinical Med students. MUSIG: Alfred Surgical Skills Workshop. It was so exciting and definitely worthwhile. I think the committee who planned it did great in managing to organize all the surgeons to attend, as well as in managing how the workshop was executed. 

For those who do not know the implements used in suturing. Take a look! ;D

Sorry, I took these pictures off the internet because it didn’t seem appropriate to whoop my camera out everywhere when I was wearing gloves. Moreover, all the tasks were hands on. 




Crack! I have to get back to doing work. Will edit this again soon! xD Ta-ta for now!


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