Briggs RAOK

No one is posting again. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Anyhow, not forgetting my own usual Friday posts (Sorry. I only returned to my room past midnight after a full half-day out.) Just to make it brief since I WILL be attending a suturing session and Malaysian Leadership MSO bonding sesh tomorrow, I will only talk about RAOKs.

What is RAOK you ask?

It means ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ week; whereby a Residential Advisor assigns whoever signs up for the event, a person to make happy or perform an act of kindness to in the week. These acts of kindness can include anything! But is usually the quota-less provision of gifts and goodies.

After attending OCF from 7.15-11pm tonight. Surprisingly enough, in the transition from returning to my room with Michelle, then going up to her room to buy my tickets to attend a pig suturing session tomorrow and going back. o_o My RAOK somehow managed to actually leave my gifts on my doorstep. What a stroke of luck for my RAOK!


This is definitely one of the major UPS with being in a residential college. I miss the love.

Immediately after, I worked on my own RAOK. O_o For me, the guy was in the room playing some sort of movie. I was thankful for the noise considering my greeting involved me working with scissors, cellophane tape and string.


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