The week where I was meant to touch books but didn’t


This week has been the most occupied I’ve ever been which had nothing to do with academia at all. Its been a blast though, such a blast. It was so great to see my whole family again, everyone travelling near and far for my cousins wedding, one of those few rare reunions which will also not be happening again in a while as no one beneath the newly weds among my cousins has a boyfriend/girlfriend oh…


everyone having their eyes closed.. an asian wedding after all

It wasn’t just the family down of course..


Whooohooo this is so dp worthy i swear

Anyways.. I saw so many awesome fishes during the wedding. My cousin’s part of this chinese society CYSM (Chinese Youth Society Melbourne) where he leads, trains and dances lion dance. I think the whole society went to the wedding. Oh my gosh all the fishes but only one stood out.. heheh

Yea but don’t get excited, I don’t think i’m anywhere near the fishing zone. There are occasions when I get to float by awesome school of fishes, but I don’t think I have the right bait. Maybe I’m still preparing the bait, or maybe the season just an’t right. Okay to be honest I do wish to have a fish jump up high, whoosh past my face and go whooooo. Omg dreamland… Oh yes that’s right that’s disney


i hope this gif works this time.. it’s a real good one (click on it if it doesn’t)

Anyhows, the break is coming to an end. Fun times come and go and this one is about to go. Can’t wait for the next. Though in between, here comes that massive heave and ho of exam madness.

I’ll see you all soon

Me promises


God Bless

Juanlin 🙂


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