Sorry for the delay!

Hi, everyone!

I am so sorry for having not posted for the past 2 weeks. I would love to say it is due to other commitments but that is barely an excuse since the others have posted with atleast 2-3 sentences when they have probably been equally as busy.

Since I have been asked about what laminator I was looking at a couple of weeks back, I am proud to say it is cheap and affordable. Even for the single purchaser. Look at that! Only about $16 bucks. I am hoping to get 100 sheets of laminating paper plastic to go with it as well. Doesn’t have to be too pricey. Hopefully it comes with a warranty too like all electronics.

One step closer to a cute art and crafts dream!

D: I am such a wishy washy character that maybe my financial aspirations will not be achieved anytime in the near future. :”(

Anyhow, so what have I been preoccupied with the past few weeks?

Kamen Riders. No, seriously. I missed out on the last 2 weeks of posting not because I did not have enough leisure time for it but it was more of me watching Kamen Rider Fourze. I am now on Kamen Rider Wizard. Good thing about Wizard is unlike the others, it is easier to control the pace I watch it at. It does not make it any less impressive compared to the other kamen rider series though.


I am so happy the pool is going to reopen next week! I need the exercise.

All I have felt like is a lumpy piece of inactive lipids the past few weeks and I hate the feeling.

xD Opted for atleast a short post this week!

My activity the past week has been:

Saturday: ASEAN Games 2013 Badminton photography volunteering

Sunday: ASEAN Games 2013 Badminton photography volunteering. For the first time EVER– I got to try one of those pretty photo booths things! 😀 Eat at Ghin Khao with Twin & Tsoi. Slept over at Twin’s apartment with Tsoi. Tsoi busy with her internship application and I, with my BusLaw weekly quiz and Urbanspoon restaurant research. Twin’s place is always so neat!

Monday: o_O Irked by how I wore the same clothes for 2/3 days in a row. Reunion with Mrs. Kircher and Mrs. Murphy with Tsoi, Melanie and Michelle! 😀

Tuesday: I have no idea what I did. I think I wasted time reading Shoujo mangas.

Wednesday: :O Long day out in the city! Attended an ASEAN Business Challenge 2013 volunteering briefing at Marriot. Lunch at Grain cafe with Twin & Tsoi. Watched Percy Jackson: The Sea Monsters with Jua joining us at Melbourne Central. Dinner at QV lousy service Shanghai restaurant. I am pretty sure the rest of us will be spamming this blog with pictures soon. I know I will as soon as I load pictures up). 

Thursday: 😉 Woke up at noon. Went to Westpac, collected MUMSU cheque book from the mailbox. Studied Consumer Behavior Chapter 14 Psychographics: Values, Personality & Lifestyles in Matheson library.

Friday: Meeting with the lovelies. ❤ ASEAN Business Challenge 2013! Networking.




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