LIFE UPDATE #1278179471

hey guys sorry i’ve been posting heaps about uni lately and to be honest i don’t really have much else to talk about except uni stuff since it’s the only thing that’s really going on with me lately.

so i’ve arrived here at UCL for about a week now, and i’ve moved into my dorm and everything. my hall is an intercollegiate halls so there are all sorts of people from the different University of London constituent colleges over here, including some post-grad people. i think my hall’s kind of halfway between a quiet dorm and a full on party dorm, but my floor is quiet because it’s high up, which is nice. freshers week “officially” started today and we have lectures as well as events every day held by the law society, so i feel like this is going to be the busiest i’ve been in a LONG LONG time. i went to a pub crawl today and talked to lots of people who probably wouldn’t even remember me by the morning haha but that’s cool. i feel like it’ll be impossible to learn everyone’s names by the end of the year, i wonder how we managed to do that back in high school.

my dorm room is currently a dump, like, you might not believe this but it’s even worse than my room back at boardo. i feel like there is painfully little cupboard space and it’s so hard to find stuff without taking it all out and putting it back in. knowing me, i never put stuff back in right away so everything’s just lying on the ground right now. i think i need to do laundry soon and buy a laundry basket, everything’s stuffed currently inside a plastic bag.

my polaroid wall is missing you guys 😦


much love to all of you, from the other side of the world (except nicole because in this case it’s from the same country haha)

also jua i tried that drink that you posted about! i had the raspberry flavor i think, it was really good!!!!!!!


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