Life in general……

So it’s my turn again. There’s honestly been nothing much going on. Being in crew means sleeping at 11pm and waking up at 4.30am pretty much everyday. I don’t procrastinate because I just can’t afford to. So it’s working between and after classes, and sleeping early and waking up and going to classes. Sounds so cool right? 😉

Oh well! The fitness and all from crew is definitely a positive though. I’m slowly getting my long-desired abs! I still love school, Math is my hardest class but I’m still loving it. (Me and my math <3) Berkeley is great in general. The food and everything. 

On another note, IOS 7 HOLY SHIT. It’s actually so different! More functional now of course, but slightly odd to use. Knowing that the integration between iOS 7 and Mavericks is going to be so much better, I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY NEW BABY. I’m just waiting for the new retina MacBook Pros to be announced and I’ll be buying them with Mavericks. Can’t wait ❤ 

Anyway, time to continue working.

Toodles till next week!





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