You only live once they said..

Whooo hectic hectic

I’ve been such a badass lately, skipping lectures and stuff. I have officially made a folder on my desktop that stores all the lecture recordings I have to catch up on and it’s too many! Can’t bear to start it! Besides lectures.. I’ve been skipping tutes. Hate myself so much right now.


One must not procrastinate. I’m hoping this is the last week I’m doing this. Though to be honest I feel like skipping lectures to catch up on lectures. That is pretty stupid but yes I feel like doing that. Well after all this procrastinating, I guess the only good thing I’ve got out of it is that I’m finally updated on Suits (except for Ep 9, who cares.. more up to date than I’ve ever been) and also the 2 latest chapters of The Legend of Korra Book 2 😀 It’s the best I swear!

Anyway rambles aside, have you run out of ideas to do anything crazy? Well walking in the streets of melbourne, including the road, bare feet.. is liberating and amazing (especially when one has been wearing heels, heightens the feeling).


(Guess the feet)

“Because you never know what may happen, the sky‘s the limit.”

Also, this is the best drink ever. Discovered on the night the feet went bare


So do give it a try. Your mouth does not deserve to be deprived from such things, it thirsts for them (well mine is).

Have an awesome week my dears,




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