HEY I didn’t forget to post this time round 🙂

I wanna dedicate this post to all my best friends out there (I shouldn’t need to state who you are, cause you should already know) ❤

Quite a number of things have happened lately. Long story short is that there’s this bitch who seems to hate me for god knows what reason. She ignores my existence, she judges me, looks at me from head to toe as if i’m the biggest slut in the world. I mean, who is she to judge me in the first place. But anyways, I’m gonna start putting on that invisible shades and ignore. Come to think about it, if she’s judging me, it must mean that I’m something ey. :p

So, to all my best friends, i’m glad you guys are always there for me. Real friends do crazy things together and judge each other in their faces instead of keeping things to themselves. 🙂 I love you all

Thanks for being there for me when I needed someone to talk to, when I needed some constructive advice. Thanks for being the best listener in the whole wide world. I’ve learnt to let go of things a lot faster and quit dwelling. (Partly thanks to cousiekins Nic too! She hates it when I dwell haha <3) Thanks for letting me be stupid and go cray. I’m glad that even though some of us are miles and miles apart, we’re still as one.

And to end this, I shall post this

:’) – okay picture stolen from fb but still hey its the picture thats memorable hehe

On a sidenote, my post finally has some sort of media hahaha

Also listening to


and we should be best friends like that (just random but yes, i like this picture somehow)


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