Free Day 2 Full Day

Hey, guys!

It’s Friday and my turn of the week again. Although Friday is supposed to be my free day, I realized I have a tendency of filling it up with pointless events and activities that do not really get me anywhere. I just had two days in a row of mid-semester tests. Wednesday was Business Law and Thursday was Macroeconomics. Both days did not go as well as I thought it would. Furthermore, with the once in a month occurrence, my mood and stomach has taken a swing at me through loud rumbling noises. I’m not too sure if I’m happy that I’m normal or unhappy thanks to hormone levels changing. Yeah…

So my life is going around the usual thread of laziness, confusion, procrastination and committees. Yes, guys. I’m a slightly psychotic 1st year student who is in 3 committees. Kill me now. Haha. I like the work though. Procrastination mean of the week: Big Bang Theory Season 1 & 2. “Bazinga!”

I tend to write more personal thoughts in my blog, as linked to in the previous week’s post. Thus, for my post this week on this blog, I thought I would write brief memos to each of you dear friends of mine.

Dear Tsoi, I know you get really confused when I post things on our Whatsapp chat so I will take the time to explain how I post here- on this blog. Impractical but atleast you know where to look if you need a reference guide on ‘One of the few steps in understanding Evelyn’s communication methods’.  How it usually works is that I take a picture, THEN explain the picture or make a comment about it after. Similar to a caption. Unfortunately, Whatsapp does not allow us to write captions. 😦 Boohoo.

Dear Twin, Evelyn gets rather uncomfortable and confused when Evelyn sees Elin write in 3rd person. Due to my mind effectively using ‘closure’ when skimming over conversations, when Evelyn sees ‘Elin feels …’, Evelyn thinks it is someone else and not Elin who is posting the message. More often than not, Evelyn thinks it is Juanlin until she notices Juanlin does not write in the same manner Elin does.

Dear Jua, where have you gone? I have not heard from you for a week now. This does not happen with Juanlin.

Dear Nicole, where is your food post for the week? 😦 I was so excited on Tuesday when you said you were going to post and remembered it was YOUR day too. Sob.

Dear Subconscious, why do I not here from you anymore?

Dear Mei, XOXO.

— O_____O I am so sorry that this post has deteriorated to this extent. LOL. —


So I ended up being busier today than I thought I would be. A typical Evelyn day that is supposed to be free but ends up filled with a bunch of other activities that blots everything else out.

Breakdown of an Evelyn Friday that turns into chaos: 

10:00am  “It’s Friday. Friday. Friday.”

11:00am   Attends a Clubs & Societies Secretary Workshop for no apparent reason other than curiosity.

12:00-2:00pm MUMSU table duty to sell Grand Malaysian Ball tickets. It ended up more of eating lunch and chit chatting.

2:00pm Mindfulness session. 🙂 Learnt about Focus and Mindfulness today.

3:00pm Diary writing.

4:00pm Lost Online.

5:45pm Join my Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) cell group called SOUL to prepare for the E Night event we had tonight. 🙂 It was more creative decorating which I LOVE! 😀 Found out about how to use an A4 LAMINATOR TOO! My gosh! I literally have never seen one of it in my life. It is amazing! I want my own laminator.

7:00-9:45pm OCF E Night.

10:30pm-12:15am:  In Michelle’s room studying Epidemiology (read her library book).

1:26am Still awake after spending the last hour chatting with my mother and cousin on FB about life and how I have learnt to tone down my insane drive to take up bigger positions in committees at uni.

Rant of the day with my couZ when we were discussing Pokemon X & Y: 

“Castform = the useless thing.
It only looks cute. Bleh.
Oh, I’m telling you. There’s going to be a rain type, ghost type and moon type Eevee.
It ain’t going to be just Fairy anymore.
Next thing there’s Moon Type, Sun Type and Space Type Pokemon (LEGIT ones).
That are not classified as Psychic or what not.”
Guys, it was so hard to not laugh when watching this new Kamen Rider series my couZ linked to me. Haha. Even if you do not watch kamen rider, I think you would understand why I laughed.


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