Hi guys,

Yay I didn’t miss my blog entry this time 🙂 As usual, nothing eventful is happening in my life at the moment. Still busy packing for uni and stuff. So much shit to do, so little time. I haven’t even started to pack yet and my luggage is already half full with all the junk my mom is making me bring. She’s asking me to bring a rice cooker for gods sake HAHAHAHAHA. But well, my dorm is self catered so I’m prepared to just eat junk everyday. Well, at least I get to lose some weight :/

I’m so meh about leaving. I don’t really know what to feel about going to London. Well I guess I kind of miss studying and having routine in my life … in a weird way. It’s so true when people say that if you get holidays everyday, you get so sick of it. Well, Yvonne we shall be bonding in London togathaaaaaa and we can drink endless cups of coffee and eat macaroons and all that fat shit (guess I won’t be losing much weight after all)

Wokay gotta go play some FIFA with my neighbor now. I’m actually using his laptop in his house because my wifi crashed on me, how convenient -.- LOL HOBO HOUSE MAYN. My aircon died too fml. Okay tata love yew all xxxx.

Ah Ni.


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