Sup guys!

Once again, I’m sorry for posting late. Elin is known for the person with the goldfish memory so please bear with me. Thanks! Hahaha I am currently at Nando’s as I’m typing away, with uhhmm *cough cough* sitting beside me. 😉

Muahahaha to those of you (I mean the pad Thai people) who reads this post and dunno what I’m talking about hahahaha sorry :p anyways, had a great week with Juanlin last week back at home. Lots of laughters and what not; gotta love creating wonderful memories. If only I can capture every single moment in life, that would be great. Oh speaking of taking pictures, I saw a camera I feel like getting while shopping with Juanlin the other day. Whooooopppp it’s going into my wish list hehe (sorry for the Elin randomness)

Anyways, playing a brain teaser at Nando’s now. Ta guys


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