Timetravel back 4 years…

So last week, I spent my week at the ThamResidance (it’s actually the name of the wifi). It was a pretty amazing time because it was also in conjunction with the boyfriend scandal scare, the news that shook the world and scared the nation (the election hype included). I must say it was a good laugh.


Now you must be thinking how on earth can one create such a scandal?? Well it was done before. I so happened to be stalking myself (during moments of procrastination, because the biology terms were smacking my brains so hard I can feel the fluids dripping) and found the exact same post re-enacted from my 15 year old self. I shall share it with you…


I did it for laughs because I had no social life back then and needed entertainment.

I was a weird child.

Well now we know how to get a reaction! Well just to let you know my lovelies, never trust a 15 year old (or even a current 19 year old for that matter) when he or she has announced a union with an opposite sex (or same sex) on a social media, unless you have physically met that person’s beloved or maybe at least see a picture. I mean pictureless relationships… kinda dodge eyh? Probably exists though, some people are intensely private.

Then again, I reassure you all. If I ever happen to fall into such a situation in real life, me thinks you’d be the first to know before social media gets a hold of it.

Love you all and thanks for accepting my unbelievable weirdness

God Bless you 

Juanlin xx



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