The New Boyfriend

Hi all,

Sorry for missing last week’s post. And I am actually sitting in a macro lecture typing my post away now. ( :p such a rebel, hehe)

This post is mainly dedicated to Nicole and mei. If you guys don’t read this post, you’re just gonna continue having your heads buried in the sand. Hahaha

So here goes. When juanlin and I was on the train home last Friday, she told me about her prank back in Malaysia. She changed her relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ and got epic reactions from her friends. So then we decided to try it out on my Facebook this time round. And thus, what is on my Facebook currently. Hehehe I got an epic reaction from me mama. I was disappointed at first as she did not mention a thing while I was facetiming her. However, she hung up just to call me a minute later and she went with the softer approach saying ‘Lin, your auntie told me you posted something on Facebook today. She told me …’

Conclusion: Elin had a good laugh. Juanlin too :p

Side note: sorry for letting some of you down cause its not real hahaha

Anyhow, I love you all. And you’re all gonna be my boyfriends hehehe imaginary :p

Ps: still have half an hour more till the end of this boring lecture lolol


One thought on “The New Boyfriend

  1. The enthusiasm and clarity of my macroeconomics lecturer makes it very difficult to space out in her lectures. Okay, let me be honest here. It is actually because she writes unrecorded notes on transparencies. D: One of those evil lecturer plots to get people to attend their lectures. Jokes. Only one of my units this semester actually records its lectures.

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