uni and ramen

HEY sorry for missing my post last week and also sorry for the fact that i’m in fact typing on my phone right now so i won’t forget to post when i get home and start marathoning old house episodes haha

Well it’s September now which means I’m officially going to uni at the end of the month. I just did my pre-enrollment on Friday and bought my tickets for some freshers events (which is basically events that go on during the first one, or two depending on your uni, week(s) of term where freshmen get to know each other and get “welcomed to uni”). All the law society events seem pretty fun but also really stressful since they’re on basically on every day and normally people would like to go to some non-law activities as well just to mix things up a bit and meet people outside your major, which is why I made the decision to skip the day-trip to France just to have a chill day and also save £30 haha (one thing I’ve learned about uni is that there is a LOT of money spending going on, as evidenced by the bill of uni fees currently sitting in my portal account). I know I’ll probably be missing out but I’d rather not wake up at 3am to join an activity marked “classified” on the welcome pack (the only info given was for us to bring a uniform and that we might get wet, no ty).

On an unrelated note, I’ve been eating an awful lot of ramen lately and have officially developed a five months pregnant stomach. On Saturday, Nate, Vikki and I went out and then stayed out till 4am to line up for this really popular ramen place — Ichiran — because 4 was supposed to be the time when the line is shortest. We waited for half an hour but I’d say it’s 99% worth it (though that 1% only exists because we were too tired to fully enjoy it by then). The texture of the noodles were really good and if I remember correctly you get to choose the soft/hardness of it, and the soup is amazing (you also get to choose how dilute/not dilute the soup is and the level of flavor you want). You also get to sit in individual booths so those of you who are into paying full attention to their food (like yours truly) can get a certain degree of privacy. Oh, and you also get your own water tap so you don’t have to wait for the waiters to come with your refill.
Another great ramen place that I’ve been going to a lot is Butao, which is pretty similar to Ichiran except without the line and with more variety. In Ichiran you only get one type of noodles, but in Butao you get to pick between four soups– original, squid ink, spicy and green olive/basil/some green thing…i’ve tried all of them except the spicy one and all of them are equally delicious hehe so yeah if you ever see one of these stores in your area or if you’re ever in Hong Kong (emilyyyyyy!!!!) you should defs give it a try :p

Oh and btw Nicole, I’ll be in London on the 17th!!! So hmu if you’re in the area 😀 can’t believe you’re ditching me for Warwick grrrrr


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