Limit to patience

All of us are honestly messing up our posting days. However, since we are catching up with our missing posts, Evelyn from the supposed Friday sessions is posting today, a Monday, in an attempt to vent and procrastinate. Yes, procrastinate. I have a 25% Marketing Consumer Behaviour Literature Review which I have barely done, due tomorrow morning. I hope posting here can be a valid excuse to get out of work. 😛 

Although I have already ranted on Whatsapp about this, I will do so here as well because I strongly believe I am not the only person who shares my sentiments. 

Topic of half the day (since Yvonne is supposed to post today too): 

Limit to patience/Limit to lacking common sense 

University is not all it is made up to be. There are genius’, introverts, extroverts, and the people who lack common sense. These people who lack common sense are unfortunately specially placed into a category of their own, where they can be provided for with the natural spoon-feeding of a mother. They are the people who lack the initiative to improve themselves, but would much rather bother their friends instead of the tutors or attend lectures. This is eventhough those people are actually paid to teach. 

Yes, all of you have experienced such individuals before and might even have that one person in your circle of friends. They assume that you are the almighty source of all answers. 

In reference to assuming, as Ellen Degeneres said, “to assume is to make and ass out of you and me.” 

How this whole post and rant came about is because of my relationship with a girl who is in two of my tutorials this semester. She studies accounting, which I happen to not be doing this semester. So guess who she asks about what the contents of her accounting test is going to be? Me. What a genius! What makes her manner even more frustrating is that she does not even attend her lectures even though she is so clueless. 

Remind me to reduce the amount I assist these sort of people. They need to learn through their own efforts and not off  other people. 





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