Sorry for being late :(

Hey guys ! 

Sorry for the delayed post, yet again. I’ve never been one to be good at following a schedule haha. Anyway, I’ve decided that I’m going to Warwick University because LSE was giving me so much shit about my visa. Their incompetence in responding to emails and texts just made me gave up waiting haha. Sucks so much to be on the waiting end meh 😦 
I still have so much shit to do for my visa and uni it isn’t even funny. Apparently I have to upload a photo for my student ID and I refuse to use my visa photo so I’m gonna have a heap of fun photo shooting hahaha. Idc my visa photo makes me look like a criminal.
How is everyone ?! And Yvonne when will you be flying to London ? Whatsapp me maybe ? 🙂 
xx, Nicole.Image

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