Nothing says confidence like doing Sudoku with a pen.

OH EM GEEEE look who’s finally here

SORRY for being the most disorganized person ever, but I’m finally writing my first post. I’m pretty shit at managing my social networking websites (and my desk, AND my life), also I’m not exactly the most coherent writer around (hey I used to be one of those weird kids who wrote a lot of confusing short stories about schizophrenics okayyy). Also I use a lot of brackets and hashtags because they are luxuries in the writing world and they only exist in the land of internet, I mean you won’t exactly see them lying around in the 9867653378990654 pages of Charles Dicken’s novels.

Okay enough shenanigans, let’s get down to business. I’ve been going through a lot of odd phases and it’s probably because life hasn’t been treating me nicely lately. Last week was the “I’m such a deep artist” phase where I started wearing all black, went to eat churros alone and read tween horror novels (think R.L. Stine LOL). I’ve always liked black though, it’s not just a phase, because black represents depth (LOL try to not use this color to make drawings look 3-D, it’s impossible), well it also represents death but then it doesn’t mean as much to me because I’m not a big fan of goth.

The fact that I went to watch conjuring in the weekend did not help (now that was some scary shit OMG, a huge escalation from R.L. Stine). Nor did the fact that the good people in the fashion world have decided that black is the new black in the upcoming season (everywhere I look I see bloggers wearing black okayyy, just a little fashion newsfeed for those who’re interested).

This week is probably what I would classify as the 90’s grunge phase (a slight evolution from last week), where I reminisce about things like my Gameboy and prototype Ferbie toy. Also I’ve been listening to a lot of Marina & the Diamonds. Here’s some cutely angsty artwork I’ve drawn ytd. (WARNING: contains swearwords so for those sweetie pies out there who feel like their eyes will get soiled by swearwords, just close your eyes and scroll down) Yeah swearing isn’t my usual style, but I feel like when you frame the words with a cute heart shape, it makes everything socially acceptable.


I’m pretty excited to see what phase I’ll go through next week, but for now I’m going to wear some preppy 90’s clothes, watch some more Simpsons, do Sudoku with a pen and decorate my stuff with more bling bling Barbie stickers. I might just continue living this phase for the rest of my life because I’m loving it atm.


Amélie (oh yeah btw this is my blog name and my persona in the internet world)


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