After My First Week at Uni…

Hi guys!!!

I realize it’s Thursday and 6am in Malaysia, but I figured I may as well write my post now because I’m starting my classes tomorrow (Thursday for me of course, it’s 3pm Wednesday right now for me)! The list of subjects I’m doing this year are: MCB C62 – Drugs and the Brain, Math 1B – Calculus, UGBA 10 – Intro to Business Administration and English R1A – A Meet and Happy Conversation.

Math 1B and UGBA 10 are weeder courses unfortunately, meaning they’ll be extraordinarily hard and hopefully I pass them… I’ve bought my textbooks already! Well, rented and bought some of them. I’ll be doing A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen! A play most of us did for IB English. I quite liked this book, hence I picked this particular class. MCB C62 just happens to be a breadth course and an interesting one at that! Apparently my final assignment for this course will be a 5-6 page essay on my favorite drug… Lots of research will be going into this one! Pretty sure I’d be able to ask some of the frat boys too… 

It’s been welcome week at Cal so I’ve been going out to frat row (the row of fraternity houses where all the parties are held). I’ve been out the past 4 nights. I only drank and got drunk on the first two, but the last two nights were more chill. Just meeting people and being the bouncer for my favorite frat. A good guy friend of mine is rushing for this frat too! Which means easy party access for my group of friends. I’ve already got an invite for the main rush party this Friday woohoo. 

I also signed my name up for coxing again! Guys I’m so excited. Apparently the rowers are the most attractive people at Cal!!!!!!! And my friend got invited to a rowing party and she’s bringing me along! It’s this Friday night too. So two big parties in one night. Definitely a recipe for an interesting weekend. 

On another note… BOY DRAMA. I smoked shisha with one of my floormates and we chilled in his bed, with other people in the room, but somehow his attention just focused on me. We then spent a whole day just chilling together. Unfortunately I got drunk that night (the second night I went out) and we kissed… and held hands… walking around campus and taking pictures in the middle of the night. BAD IDEA. So now he really likes me, but I told him I’m not ready to date yet because of Adam and Kyew. But somehow, yesterday, he still acts like he’s pursuing me! Getting kinda freaked guys. ADVICE ON PLC PADTHAI GROUP PLEASE TYVM ❤ LAVE YOU GUYS I’LL POST A PICTURE SOON.

I’ve been to the gym a couple times and IT’S SO NICE OMG. I LOVE IT. And there are so many buff and cute guys there heheh.

Yea this is the end to my long rambly post about my first week living in the dorms and uni. I MISS YOU ALL ❤

– Yuen Mei


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