Why the PRO in the Project room?

It’s a stay at home day today. Because the bum can’t be bothered leaving the chair. The table is being piled up with work but the brain and the heart seems to not be able to motivate the rest of the body to carry out the job… sigh.. the student life.

Hence the early blogging.

I’ve relapsed into my youtube addiction again. OH NO. Yes I watch a lot of youtube actually. Meanwhile the new obsession is british you tubers and my youtube dance celebrities HAH! Yes there is one in particular that I’ll be sharing with you very soon. SHE’S MINDBLOWING AMAZING. LIKE A BRAIN BANG. Still going in a straight line don’t worry.

I somehow seem to have the tendency of procrastinating when at home though. The food. The xbox. The internet. The music dock. Me thinks i’ll have to start spending the sundays in libraries soon. As Elin mentioned, spent the Sat with her at Giblin and got my PHysics assignment done and dusted. We’ve come up with this new obsession of booking project rooms in libraries even though we have no projects (we did initially, for a finance assignment). Pros of PROject rooms is because its soundproof as we tend to spend the 1st half an hour of the session talking instead of doing work. (it should be con actually.) Now that’s something we need to work on a bit HAHA.

Unfortunately, I realised there aren’t any PROjectors in any of those rooms.. sigh the irony..

But yes project rooms are awesome. I even use them when I’m alone and get judgmental stares from people outside (sadly they’re all glassy not classy). I have yet to book some for this week.

Thou shall maketh use of thy university’s facilities thy has paid for.


Also, the amazing Koharu Sugawara.

And a husband and wife team OMG

So yup there you go!

Love you all amazing peeps

God Bless you ❤

Juanlin 🙂

p/s: Will be moving in with Elin for a week in Camb next week! I shall be there in the next post hah! How exciting!!

SINCE ITS STILL SUNDAY! I’m adding one more thing to my post!! This is my new obsession everybody, the one that makes you believe in unicorns


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