When smart phones turn dumb

Heyyyy, its Elin here (the lazy one)

So, I was scrolling thru this wordpress to see if there are any new posts and suddenly it occurred to me, hey its Saturday, its my turn! SO, here I am typing away. Hahaha && I am obviously procrastinating because I was supposed to do my marketing & calculus assignment. Not surprising tho cause I just spent the past few hours online window shopping (okay, maybe I actually did a little online shopping 😉 – which means maybe one day you’ll get a post with me talking about my shopping spree goodies, hehe)

Anyhow, back to explaining why the title is what it is. So, I have a smart phone but it has recently turned dumb and there’s nothing I can do. This mobile provider (Kogan Mobile) that I used to use got into some dispute or something with someone, so now I’m down to no data, no MMS, and only 20 mins of voice call and 20 texts for the next 6 days. But worse still, I activated my new sim yesterday in a really bad mood and ended up with no new sim to use. Hahaha one hell of an experiece but anyhow, i’m surviving! & i’ll see how many spams I get on whenever I get to use my sim card or rather whenever I get uni wifi 😛 & since I have no wifi or internet, there is basically nothing I can do with my phone, not even fun run with friends. And so you get a smart phone with brain tumour and its dying brain cells.

Also, like last week, I was with Juanlin in Giblin Eunson Library today again! And not to forget the fact that we skyped meimei yesterday 🙂 Love you long time

Elin should really get back to work now. Love you all. Glad we’re stuck together even though we’re seas apart 🙂

Lots of love,



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