FINALLY starting Uni!!

Finally starting university! I’m going to be studying pre-business administration and possibly a minor in computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. Way behind most people in this group. It’s been an amazing few days so far, meeting people and discovering new places and food. I didn’t think I’d like Berkeley this much, but everyone is so accepting and friendly. The campus is green and beautiful as well! Lots of running trails for me to explore.

I’m the only one in America so I guess it’s slightly weird not having my high school friends around me. But we have our group chat, where there is constantly messages awaiting me every morning I wake up.

I’m moving into my dorms tomorrow (the 22nd for me, but I figured I’d post this in Malaysian time)! My room is clearly a shoe box mistakenly made into a room, but I guess I’ll have to deal with it. I got the bottom bunk bed, just like the times when Evelyn and I used to share the same room! Although I did drag Evelyn and Yvonne to the bathroom whenever I had to pee, and the countless times we snuck out to make mi goreng. Gotta miss those times.

My roomies were also nice enough to give me one of the closets! In a triple room, we only have 2 closets, a 5 drawer set and a 4 drawer set. So 3 girls have to share all that. I got one closet, and the other 2 girls will share everything else! So private closet for me!

Went on a slight shopping spree yesterday (the 20th), bought everything I needed for uni, stationary, my bedding, toiletries etc. I shall post a picture of my room unpacked next week! So wait for that 😉

I’ll keep you guys updated with my classes and the amount of food! (beware if you’re hungry, don’t read my future posts)

Love you girlies ❤

PLC Pad Thai friends forever.

-Yuen Mei


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