Hi peeps,

Sorry for being one day late ! 😦 Nicole here by the way. I had heaps of trouble logging in and stuff yesterday, as you all can see (or read) I am a noob at blogging and all that jazz. Just a random thought, why did we sign up for blog spot instead ? I thought blogger was the ‘in’ thing … Or perhaps I’m just a little bit backdated.
Anyway, truth to be told nothing particularly fun or exciting is going on in my life at the moment. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions. I’ve said goodbye to so many people and had to deal with the oppressive rapture of an empty, parentless house. Realizing that I won’t be going back to Melbourne for uni just recently hit me, and I’m in a state where I don’t even have time to deal with my emotions because everything is just happening so quickly. 
There is so drama going on with my uni life at the moment. I haven’t really had much time to deal with anything else, and there are these days that just gallop by like wild horses. In a flash it just dawned on me that I’m leaving in approximately 8 days time. Like wow, and the best part is I’m so unprepared for all of it. I guess there isn’t really a method of preparing for university, but I’m not even emotionally prepared to leave home again.
Don’t you all just miss having all your shit in one place ? Honestly it is so bothersome to have things everywhere around the world, like urgh; just urgh. Anyway, hope everyone else is doing great down south and up north. I love how we’re all so scattered hahaha LOL. 
Yvonne ! I can’t wait to see you in the UK. We’ll go for endless cups of latte and do crazy, spur of the moment shit and take heaps of pictures ! Lets road trip down to Paris this winter and camwhore with the Eiffle Tower.
My physiotherapist awaits to torture my poor broken leg now. Kbaaaaaai love you all ❤ 

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