sorry for posting so late with only…an hour and twenty minutes left of monday (well that’s when i started writing so i’m guessing by the time i actually post this it’ll be even later oh well).

i’m currently near the end of what’s will end up being a five month holiday (that massive chunk of time between graduating high school and starting college), and while most of my friends are busy with their jobs or internships, i’ve been filling my days watching entire TV series’ and obsessively playing a game on my nintendo 3DS.

the game in question is the strategy-roleplay game fire emblem: awakening, which is, according to numerous video game review sites, currently one of the most highly rated/popular games for the 3DS. i originally bought this game because, after a month of non-stop animal crossing (new leaf, another great 3DS game), i decided that i needed a new game in order to get my money’s worth for this video game console that i spent an entire day hunting down. (because of stupid region locks for the 3DS you now have to have the american version in order to play english games, it wasn’t like this with the old DS, and since i don’t live in america i had to look for it in some pret-ty shady looking computer malls.) at first i didn’t know what to expect–i was one of those kids who had no childhood and read books instead of watched TV/played video games so i suspect i’m currently experiencing some sort of regression which allows me to experience my childhood…ten years later…as an adult…yup. well this game isn’t exactly meant for kids, as made clear by the ESRB “T” rating, but what i’m trying to say is that i missed out big time on earlier versions of…well…any sequel/remake that’s being released now. OK ENOUGH RAMBLING, basically, a few hours into the game i realized that this has got to be one of the most perfect things out there (i don’t think that’s either grammatically correct or actually possible but it’s just an expression), and it’s got all the makings to possibly become a game of thrones-esque TV show in the future.

i’m not going to go into details here because, in the event that it does become a TV show in the future, any details could contain some major spoilers, but feel free to read up on it on wikipedia (it has a pretty detailed plot description). it’s got a great plot, like legitimately great not just great-for-a-video-game, and some pretty nice character developments (well, enough to get you attached to the characters and develop favorites and such), as well as a really good love/marriage/friendship system where you pair people up in battle until they eventually build up “support” through conversations and, if possible, get married and have recruitable-character children. on top of that they also have really awesome graphics that you can use the 3D feature with and doesn’t hurt your eyes. it’s one of those games that you can play for 48 hours straight until you finish it (not even exaggerating, that actually happened to me).

just as a reference, let me leave you with this little gem here, which could be found in the “support dialogue” between Prince Chrom (the one on the left, he’s one of the main characters along with your avatar and a few others) and Frederick (Chrom’s loyal lieutenant and one of the characters that you start off with, i got him to marry Chrom’s sister in my second playthrough).

IMG_9910 IMG_9911 IMG_9912

anyway, i think that’s enough talk for now, i bet you’re all gonna be so confused reading this because i’m just not very articulate and all, but i’m just going to leave you with this little video. it’s the opening sequence of the game and, from the point-of-view of both a film buff and a fan of this game, i think it’s really well made and summarizes the game in a way that invokes so many feelsssssssssss for someone who’s played it…PLEASE WATCH


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