My eyeballs hurt

Because I just played an hour straight of fun run with the cousins… from an extremely small screen. Foxes and blades were flying everywhere. Doesn’t help because I keep losing too!!!

Kudos to Miss LINTHAM for recommending me that game. 

Melbourne uni decided to Open today… Not like it has been close the past 3 weeks because it’s been torturing the lives of more than 35000 students and lecturers be like


seriously, like its a satisfaction to them to see pain

Anyways the plus points of the Uni being Open

I got free cloth bags



Well the weekend energy has been sucked dry by the assignment though lucky for me its just one. (OH SHIT I HAVENT DONE PHYSICS) But yes good luck to those who have more to come, go eat some MACaROons.

However I must add that giant trolley pushing, grabbing lotsa stuff and ending up not buying them, taking pictures of things and not buying them, skipping around wholesale places like 5 year olds because its awesome, yes that was Costco with the LinTham. It was fun 😀

If ever setting foot on a place called Docklands. Don’t miss that.

Monday tomorrow


Excited to see whatever you guys have in store!

Off to do some









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