PLC Pad Thai peeps

PLC Pad Thai peeps

Friends since Year 10 (2010) there is very little we do not aspire to do.
In commemoration of our everlasting ties of friendship, we agreed to start this blog. Each of us being allocated a day in the week to make a post. There will be special event posts as well. There will be occasional shifts in our posting schedule but we are thankful to be given this opportunity to share our loves, lives and happiness with the world.

We will cooperate to try and get this blog as reader-friendly as possible. Although for the meantime, it is for our own inclusive sharing and amusement. 🙂

The days allotted are as follows: (so if you enjoy one particular writer, just keep a look out for their alloted days! 😉 )

Monday: Yvonne Kwong

Tuesday: Nicole Tham

Wednesday: Emily Tsoi

Thursday: Yuen Mei Wan

Friday: Evelyn Wong

Saturday: Elin Tham

Sunday: Juanlin Yip

-Evelyn Wong


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